Pěkné prázdniny v Českém ráji 2009

Organiser: OOB TJ Turnov

Event centre: Holiday center Palda

Friday August 21, 20095 pm to 10 pm Event Centre
Saturday August 22, 20097,00 am to 8,00 amEvent Centre
SundayAugust 23, 20098,00 am to 8,30 amEvent Centre

We ask for a registration of whole teams at once.

Accomodation in tents is provided by organizer at the event registration. Accomodation in apartmans is provided by Holiday center at the reception desk.
The buffet and the sport equipment stalls only in the event centre for whole the time.

For housed in apartmans there is no parking fee. For housed in the tents and others parking fee 40 CZK will be charged by organizers. Please respect instructions of organizers.
Obligatory arrival to the event centre in Saturday's morning from Ktová across Rovensko (one-way bus traffic) - will be marked.

HDR (line with accompaniment of parent), D10L (line), D10, D12, D14, D16, D18, D20, D21E, D21A, D21B, D21C, D35, D40, D 45, D50, D55, D60, D65 H10L (line), H10, H12, H14 , H16, H18, H20, H21E, H21A, H21B, H21C, H35, H40, H 45, H50, H55, H60, H65, H70, P2, P4

Common information for all stages:
It is strictly forbidden to use grip or spike shoes incl. the ankle ones in the stages 1 and 3!
To get to the start of particular stages, there is the route marked with the blue-white stripes. To get from the finish there is the route marked with the red - white stripes.
The maps for all stages are not waterproof. Plastic bags are available on the start.

Competitors of HDR, P2 and P4 classes start as chosen by them with punching the starting unit until the starting time 150, but competitors in HDR class only from starting time 60 (attention: changed!). The line for HDR, H10L and D10L classes is marked with the orange stripes.

The routes from the last control point to the finish line on all stages are marked with the red stripes.

Descriptions: available only in the competition centre!

SportIdent, in case of malfunction use the R fileds on the map. If R fields are used, please, hand over your map immediately in the finish area. Please, check your SI card number in the start list and if it is wrong, ask for the correction at the registration desk. In case of loss of hired SI card 700 CZK will be charged.

The finish time is given by punching the finish unit. Reading of the SI cards in the event centre for all stages. Don't hesitate with that!

First aid: There is a doctor available in the finsih area.

Stage 1 and 3 - rocky and hilly with the blueberry undergrowth, difficult both to run and navigate. Please, be careful in the rocks!

Stage 2 - continental terrain with the green parts. We recommend to cover whole legs.

Expected winning times according to the Racing Rules of ČSOB. Start lists and results will be available in the event centre.

Stage 1
Long distance, start 00 = 9.00, interval start,
map Skaláček, scale 1:10000, contour interval 5m, stand spring 2009, time limit 150 minutes, ISOM 2000. Maps are not to be handed over in the finish area.
Transport to the start area by shuttle buses. Buses leave every approx. 10 minutes from the bus stop near the event centre.
The departure of the first bus is at 7.45 am, Last bus back is as the finish is closed. We ask the competitors to depart as early as possible. It is forbidden to use own cars!
The route from the bus stop to the start is marked with the blue-white stripes and from the finish to the bus stop with the red stripes. Bus stop - start 300 m, climbing 0m, finish - bus stop 400m, climbing 0m.
There are refreshment points in the forest equipped with water. They are drawn in the map. Refreshment in the start and finish area, WC - Toi-Toi at the bus stop, approx.300m far from the prestart. It is possible to leave clothes on the restart. Clothes will be transported to the finish area every 20 minutes.
Timber harvesting! Be carefull!

Stage 2
Sprint distance, start 00 = 16.00, interval start,
map Palda, scale 1:5000, contour interval 2,5m, stand spring 2009, time limit 45 minutes, ISSOM (Czech) 2006 - for sprint. Maps are not to be handed over in the finish area!
Refreshment and WC Toi-Toi only in the finish area.

Stage 3
Middle distance, start 00 = 9.30, interval start,
map Bora, scale 1:5 000, contour interval 5m, stand spring 2009, time limit 100 minutes, ISOM 2000. Maps are not to be handed over in the finish area.
Part of the route to the start is provided by the shuttle bus (approx.1500m). Event centre - start = 3500m or Bus stop - start = 1300 m (climbing 50m), finish - bus stop = 1200m. The departure of the first bus at 8 am. (The route to the start goes over the finish). Refreshment and WC Toi Toi are 1000m from the bus stop,approx.100m from the finish and 200m from the start area. To get to the start there is the route marked with the blue - white stripes.

Washing: washing-up only in the event centre for all stages.

Baby sit: in the event centre

Accompanying programme:
Hall in the event centre. You can expect it as usual for PP, start at 8,30 pm.

Awarding ceremony:
Sunday, August 23 in the event centre, as soon as possible and the particular class is decided. The exact time depends on you. Please do not hesitate with the reading of your SI card. The awards will be given in the overall standings to the first three in all classes.

Expected jury line-up:
Pavel Košárek JAM, Petr Kozák KAM, Ivana Mrázková DKP

Organising Committee:
Head of OCFilip Stárek
Main referee Stage 1 Jindřich Kořínek
Stage 2 Jakub Oma
Stage 3 Jana Omová
Course plannersStage 1 - Lucie Krafková
Stage 2 - Martin Vlček
Stage 3 - Jakub Oma

The competition is held in the Protected Natural Area Bohemian Paradise (CHKO Český ráj). It is strictly forbidden to use grip and spike shoes for the stages 1 and 3. It will be checked!

The competition is held in the area which is in the particular interest of the Protected Natural Area Bohemian Paradise Administration. Please, keep all the instructions of organizers! You are not allowed to arrange any individual trainings without prior consultation with TJ Turnov club or directly with PNABPA, even when you have the maps from this competition!