PP 2011 starts in 3 days!

What can you expect during the whole PP weekend? You can read in this article.. ;)

Stage 1, Middle distance, Saturday, 9:30 am:

Map: Hlavatice, 1:10000 for DH16-21 and 1:7500 for the others

Course setter: Pavel Hradec (Still young and very fast runner and already also very experienced course setter. This middle distance is his first course setting experience with Pekne Prazdniny event.)

What to expect? Middle distance in rocky terrain full of sandstones, but still very fast courses in flat areas with negative slopes and route choices in deep valleys.

Because of long way to the start and finish area (3km), there will be free shuttle busses ready for competitors. So please use this busses on your journey from arena to the start and back!

Stage 2, Sprint distance, Saturday, 4:00 pm:

Map: Radeč - západ, 1:5000, ekv. 5m!!

Course setter: Daniel Wolf (Young runner and current member of Czech junior national team, but very experienced course setter. He organises demanding PP courses already since 2007!)

What to expect? Little bit longer forest sprint with expected winning times arround 20 minutes. With tough and hilly parts in a small "rock town", where orienteering seems more like in an ancient city. But still it's sprint, so you can expect also fast running and several route choices.

There will be quite long walking or jogging distance to the start (1900m), so it can take several time. On the way you'll meet toilets and refreshment (500m short of start) and famous building Kopicův statek (Kopic's farm) with reliefs and sculptures in rocks. (But this famous reliefs are in competition area of E2 and E3!! So you can visit them only on Sunday afternoon :)

Stage 3, Shortened long distance, Sunday, 9:30 am:

Map: Bukovec, 1:10000, ekv. 5m

Course setter: Martin Baier (The Legend! You never know what you can expect! Little bit older, but still extremely fast runner and important member of first TJ Turnov relay team. He prepared PP sprint and also PP middle last year, but never long.)

What to expect? Shortened long distance with expected winning times arround 50-60 minutes in main cathegories in hilly terrain full of sandstones and rocks.

Accompanying events:

Píchač Pěkných Prázdnin (The Best Puncher of PP)

Do you remember times, when we didn't have any SI cards and we ran only with a piece of paper in a hand. I don't remember, but you can try to remember on Saturday!

There will be a qualification in PP Camp in Kacanovy on Saturday between 12 am and 4 pm. 16 best "Punchers" with the best times proceed to the Final. Final on parael knockout punching courses will be held in arena at ca. 7:15 pm.

PP Party

It's a tradition. We're starting at 8:00 pm in Culture center Kacanovy. (50m from arena) You can expect videos and photos from first stages, The best "Puncher" price giving ceremony, lot of beer and huge Party!!

WOC 2011

We are preparing live broadcast from WOC 2011, relay race on Saturday afternoon! Visit our TV tent.

We're looking forward to seeing you in Kacanovy!!

Dan Wolf