Tomáš Kobr: This terrain always surprise me

We have 3 months to the start and we received almost 300 entries! Because of this we have a great news for our competitors and followers of our web site. Apart from the quiz every week we will try to publish some interview with some person somehow related to Niceholidays competition. You can expect interviews with competitors, organisers, course setters or some other orienteering stars. Maybe they will advise you how to defeat our terrains..

For our first interview we've chosen Tomas Kobr alias "Kobrik" from Tatran Jablonec orienteering club. Tomas is not only strong local runner from neighbouring town and club, who knows well our terrains, but he was also the first man entered to M21 Elite!

Hallo Tomas!
Hi :)

I have chosen you for our first pre PP interview because you were the first man entered in M21 Elite. We appreciate your interest. What exactly attracts your attention?
I have several reasons for running Niceholidays. Great terrains (especially extraordinary this year), great party, great people, great arena and great competition in my class.. What more I should wish?

You are from Jablonec, this year we organise Nice holidays very close to your home town, so you have an opportunity to train here a lot. Do you like Malá Skála? And do you know also the area of Zbirohy catle?
I love terrains near Turnov and Malá Skála, who doesn't anyway? But, even though I trained x-times at Drábovna the terrain can still surprise me every time, so I have still a huge respect for it. I think at Zbirohy I ran once last year and my pace was not under 10 minutes per kilometer. :)

Since 2007 there is a forest sprint distance as a stage two during Nice holidays. We tried regular forest sprint for 12 -15 minutes, lot of people said it was too short for such a nice terrain and summer competition. Last year we prepared a sprint for 20 minutes in a "rock town" like a shorter middle. Some people said it was brutal and it wasn't a sprint. This year we prepare other innovation - regular sprint, first time in history of Nice holidays partly in urban area. What's your opinion to this stage?
It is always hard to make a race suitable for everyone. Somebody likes it shorter, somebody longer, somebody hilly, somebody flat.. In my opinion is always good to make some compromise. But I think that the sprint should be mainly planned as regular and fair, because runners tend to cheating. Primarily local occasional runners don't know the rules of this distance in urban areas and ISSOM very well.

Yes we're prepared for this kind of problem! Thanks for your opinion and time and good luck at competitions!