Kacanovy 2015!

Nice Holidays with orienteering in Bohemian Paradise 2015 will be held in the municipality of Kacanovy near Turnov. You can expect it as ussual. Traditional two-days, three-stages competition - middle distance, forest sprint, long distance and even more - training, accompanying race, "Best Puncher contest", PP Party.. Nice Holidays are weekend full of great orienteering in sandstones. Come and visit Turnov in August 2015 and enjoy Nice Holidays!

- one weekend, two days, three stages, accompanying program

- beautiful landscape in the hearth of Bohemian Paradise

- 3 new maps, partly a brand new area

- pleasant, cosy event centre in Kacanovy close to Turnov

Entries will be opened during May or June 2015. Entries starting date will be published in advance.

Come and enjoy Nice Holidays!

You can check older photos from the terrain of last Nice Holidays in Kacanovy (2008) and short video from 2008: