Information / Ausschreibung

All negotiations are heading for the end so we can publish for you official information bulletin and soon we will oped entries - on tuesday June 2nd 2015 at 6:30am. So if you want to participate, please prepare your club entry in ORIS entry system in advance. (Last year the capacity of 1200 runners was sold out in less than 7 minutes.) See the section entry for more information.

Für unsere Teilnehmer aus Deutschland haben wir auch die deutsche Version von der Ausschreibung vorbereitet.

Last year we introduced the ULTIMATE courses. This year we are preparing two variants of ultimate courses. Shorter DH21UK - courses on the level of DH40, mainly for courageous veterans or youth runners. And DH21UL - courses on the level of DH21A. Ultimate courses will have maps without tracks and roads and with some other special modification to make the experience even harder. But it is still the race so the modifications will be made with a sense of fair mapping towards the control. So do not hesitate to try our rocky ULTIMATE challenge!

Ultimate Map Sample