Interview with map maker

For our next interview I have chosen one of our map makers. Jan Picek is preparing part of the map for second stage of Nice Holidays 2012. How is it going and what he thinks about laserscaning and local terrains?

Hi, I chose you for our next interview. This time because you're preparing a part of the map for second stage. How is it going?

Yes, maping process in progress :) Half of the last part of the map is ready, but I will still visit the forest often during next month.

This year you're working with contours from special airplane laserscan. Is it your first experience with this system? And how accurate it is in rocky terrain of Bohemian Paradise?

Yes this is my first experience with laserscaning and it's just perfect. Some parts near huge rocks are still poor, but you know exactly where you are and it's a big advantage for map maker. It makes my work much faster.

I asked all my czech respondents about their opinion of forest sprint during Nice holidays competition. Do you prefer during summer competition like Nice Holidays rather regular sprint for 12-15 minutes or exciting course in rock labyrinths for 20 minutes like we tried last year?
Last year I skipped Nice Holidays because of WOC in France after 10 years, but generally I love forest rocky sprints, I don't mind running 17-20 minutes. On the other hand I hate forest sprints in boring emty forests full of nettles. But it's not a problem of Nice Holidays. That's no problem if the course is slightly longer during this type of competition.

This year we're going to try innovation. First time in history of PP we're organising partly urban sprint. What do you think about that?

It's going to be really interesting, because part of the stage will be totally diferent from the other and also from all other stages. It depends a lot on course setter how he makes it and because I know Martin Baier quite well, it will be worth running!

Last question, I have to ask. You're from Jablonec, it's very close to Malá Skála and Drábovna so you can train here quite often. Do you like this forests and terrains?
I think highly of these terrains, I think Drábovna is the best terrain in the Czech Republic! Of course there is lot of sandstones near Turnov, near Doksy and Kokořín, in Lužické mountains, but Drabovna is just Drabovna. I lose there every time..

Thanks for your time! We're looking forward to meeting you in August.
Thanks for interview!