Don't forget to order your meal!

To enjoy your race completely, we prepared new unique catering. Extensive offer of soups, main courses, salads and snacks are waiting for you. Full of vitamins and proteins.

- Food is light, tastes well and is nutritive tuned.

- The catering offers covers the whole day – from breakfast to supper, in the event centre.

- If you order your main course in advance, you get small drink for free.

- Have a look on the menu, check the allergens and order for friendly price.

And a small detail – if you order in advance you will get what you want for sure. The food supply without in-time confirmation may not be guaranteed fully.

The main courses you can order directly in ORIS entry system until 16.8.2015 and payments please incorporate into the payments of your club entries. At the check-in desk in the Event office you will receive the corresponding number of meal vouchers for your club. Soups, salads and snacks you can buy directly on spot, but the supply is limited.