Nice Holidays 2016 in Malá Skála

Dear orienteering friends,
we would like to invite you again to Bohemian Paradise for a Nice Holidays 2016. Traditional 3-days orienteering competition will be held this year from August 19th to 21st 2016 in Malá Skála. You can expect 3 stages in the most beautiful unique sandstone terrains in the Bohemian Paradise, where we can organise the competitions only once every four years.
First and third stage of Nice Holidays will host Kalich area. It consists of Sokol peak (563 m), Chléviště and Zbirohy sandstone "rock towns" and steep slopes with sandstone rocks and boulders. See the old map.
Second stage (middle distance) will be held at Drábovna map - rather small, but very unique sandstone area full of rocks, passages, boulders, deep valleys and stony slopes. The area hosted 5-days orienteering with World Cup in 1984, Czech Cup middle distance in 2000 and Nice Holidays 2007 and 2012. Now we are ready to organise here Nice Holidays 2016. Come and spend your holiday with orienteering in Malá Skála, it will be the Nice Holidays!


Entries are limited by Protected landscape area Bohemian Paradise to 1200 runners only! You can entry only via ORIS entry system. It will be opened during spring 2016 and the date of entries will be announced in advance. Please follow our webpage and facebook for more information. Last years the Nice Holidays were always sold out in few minutes.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Bohemian Paradise!