Bulletin 1 and frequently asked questions

Dear competitors, we really appreciate your interest in Nice holidays competition. However only first 1300 competitors can join our event, this year in Malá Skála, Bohemian Paradise. We published Bulletin 1 with Program, where you can find all necessary information. Below you can find answers for other Frequently asked questions asked by participants from abroad.

Terrain samples (old maps)

Samples of the terrain (old maps). For competition we prepare 3 brand new maps of these areas.

How can I enter to the event?
All necessary information you can find in Bulletin 1 and we also prepared site "Entry" where you can find more information and our video manual for ORIS entry system.

We kindly recommend to all our participants from abroad to register in the system, create your club and club members in advance! And enter for a race exactly on time when entries are opened: June 22nd, 6:30 am. (Attention! Last time in this terrain it took 6 minutes only and the limit of 1200 competitors was reached! After the limit is reached we cannot accept any other entries, we have agreements with Nature reservation management.).

Do you accept e-mail entries?
No, sorry but we do not accept any prior email entries because of fairness. Email prihlasky(at)tur(dot)cz is used only for changes after July 31st 2016. Changes of personal data as SI number, class can be done until July 31st directly in ORIS entry system. In ORIS you can also book accommodation in camp, parking lot for caravan etc., everything until July 31st.

How should I pay the entry fee?
Entry fee and also all fees for acommodation in official camp should be paid in advance via bank transfer. All necessary information you find in Bulletin 1. Only if you have reasonable difficulties with this option, for foreigners we give exceptionally permission to pay on spot in the Event office. Please inform us about this fact via email.

What happened if I cancel my entry?
If you cancel your entry in ORIS entry system, your place will automatically get first substitute from the list in ORIS. In case you cannot participate, but you have your own substitute (friend etc.), do not cancel your entry in ORIS! You should send this change via email prihlasky(at)tur(dot)cz after July 31st (in case of changing class) or you can change the name directly at Event office.

How far are the stages, can I go there by car?
No, all three stages are in walking distance from the EC. You have to use official parking in the EC and take marked walking path to the start. Distances to the starts are 1000 - 1800 m with over 100 m climb every day! So be careful and hit the trail in advance. We do not recommend bicycles because of the climb. Marked walking paths to starts are not passable by bike.

What type of accomodation do you offer?
We offer only accomodation in provisional camp on the meadow near Malá Skála. You can book this accommodation via ORIS entry system. You can book there also parking lot for camper van or caravan. Camp is situated near the river Jizera and bicycle way "Greenway Jizera". Malá Skála offers plenty of hotels (closest is Hotel Skála), restaurants, pizzeria and small local brewery.

What should we visit during our stay in Malá Skála?
We would recommend you for example walking trip to Vranov Castle (Pantheon) and Frýdštejn castle. If you have bike (or you can rent a bike or scooter in Malá Skála) you can ride Greenway Jizera along Jizera river and visit town of Turnov where the organising club comes from. South of Turnov you can hike through magnificent sandstone areas near castles Hrubá Skála and Valdštejn. If you need more adventure you can rent a raft or canoe in Malá Skála and float the river to Dolánky where you can return your boats and take train back to Malá Skála (railway station is situated just 300m from EC).
We want you to enjoy your stay in Bohemian Paradise!

Please, do not walk via rocky areas in competition area (Drábovna, Kalich, Chléviště, Zbirohy)! These areas are part of embargoed competition area. If you want to visit these areas as a tourist, please do it after the competition on Sunday August 21st! Thank you.