Were you among substitutes? Check your entry now!

At midnight yesterday deadline for entries and changes ran out. Entry system is now closed. We checked all entries, payments and changes in the entry system. And also we have taken care of all changes delivered by email until July 31st.

Please check your entry and payment in the updated list of entries. If you were among substitutes and your entry is now white - you are entered to the competition! (Substitutes are yellow.) If you cannot participate anymore, please cancel your entry by email as soon as possible.

Now only cancellations are possible! You can cancel your entry by email prihlasky(at)tur.cz. Until August 11th, 10 pm. is cancellation free of charge. Until August 16th, 10 pm. we will seek redress one third of paid entry fee. After August 16th, 10 pm. no entry fees are returned.