Orienteering World cup in Nice Holidays terrain!

From October 4th to 7th 2018 Prague is going to be a host city of Orienteering World Cup 2018, final round. Apart from the capital the world’s biggest stars will run the middle distance near Turnov! Embargoed area for this competition is just between Turnov and Hrubá Skála castle and it borders with the competition area of 2nd stage of Nice Holidays 2017. It means that Nice Holidays 2017 competition is a great opportunity for all runners to test the terrains of Bohemian paradise area before the World Cup.

The World Cup race will be partly organized by the same team as Nice Holidays and for us it will be another great experience for the future of Nice Holidays. We would like to invite all of you to take part of the World Cup. Come and cheer to the best orienteerers with us! World Cup middle distance will be first OWC race in Czech sandstone terrain since 1994 and a wonderful test before WOC 2021. World Cup middle distance in Turnov is scheduled to October 6th, 2018. See you there!