One week to go!

Next Friday is going to start the 26th edition of Nice Holiday in Bohemian Paradise. How to arrive to the arena? And what can you expect from the competition?

First time in the history of this popular orienteering competition it is going to be held in municipality of Hrubá Skála, part Rokytnice. The biggest advantage of this event center location is that all three stages are in walking vicinity (up to 2 km). Small disadvantage is that the event center is situated on the meadow and divided by the road into halves. We will try to prepare everything you need to the event center. You can expect drinking water, catering, stands with food, drinks and sports equipment, toilets and simple showers. If you are planning to stay overnight in our camp you can park near the tents, otherwise the parking is on the other side of the road.

There is a minor road through the event center. Please be careful when crossing it to the camp. You will follow this road on the way to the starts and from the stages. Due to reconstruction near Troskovice and Vidlák this is the only access road to the castle of Trosky and there could be higher traffic of tourists during the weekend!

Arrival is possible only by the main road I/35 (E442) from Turnov or Jičín. You will turn in Borek direction castle Trosky. It will be marked. In Borek there is a railway crossing without traffic lights. Be careful.

The competition is starting on Friday afternoon with the middle distance in a brand new terrain in the slope under Trosky castle. Rugged steep slope with some rocks, stones, valleys that is what you can expect. New map was surveyed by Josef Borůvka and Roman Horký and courses set by former Czech junior national team runner Patrik Horák and his coach Filip Stárek.

Saturday will be more free than it used to be when we had two stages per day. This year only one stage will be held on Saturday – shortened long distance in area of “Skaláček”. This terrain already hosted Nice Holidays competition twice (2009 and 2013). Courses are set by Jan Vřešťál. Free afternoon you can use for some sightseeing. We prepared for you some Photo orienteering around the event center. You can buy the map in the info tent and match the photos with the controls. Late afternoon in the arena will belong to our accompanying “Best puncher race”. Everyone can enter to the qualification round, it is free of charge. But only the best “punchers” will proceed to the evening final!

Usually Nice Holidays concluded on Sunday with long distance. This year it is going to be a middle distance the third stage. But we know that you are used to run long distance at the end so the winning times of the middle distance will be a little bit longer than usual in some classes. It is because we just want to show the new part of the map Borecké skály to as many runners as possible. A brand new map was mapped by Zdeněk Sokolář and the courses are set by Šárka Sokolářová and Daniel Wolf.

Courses are ready, maps are already printed, so we just believe in nice weather and that you enjoy your stay in Bohemian Paradise! We are looking forward to meet you!