Limit of 1300 competitors filled, entries closed!

Thank you very much for your interest in Nice Holidays 2018! It is unbelievable, we opened entries today at 6:30 am and after just 31 seconds entered the competitor no. 1300 and the limit was closed. For us it is a huge obligation to organize competition which will be worth running and which you will enjoy. Thank you very much and see you soon in Srbsko, Bohemian Paradise!

Graph of entries development of Nice Holidays 2018

Personal data of entry (SI number, class) can be edited directly in ORIS until August 12th 2018. Until this date you can also cancel your entry free of charge (if you cancel your entry, your place in the limit of competitors will pass automatically to the next substitute). Additional services like accommodation in official camp you can book and edit via ORIS until August 21st 2018. Email: can be used only for changes after August 12th 2018. Thank you for understanding.