Nice Holidays are more environment-friendly!

We are pleased to announce some changes which should make our competition a bit more environment-friendly again. Together with our partner Econea we prepared biological degradable natural soaps, shampoos and conditioners which you will find in our provisional showers and washbasins for your disposal. Please, do not use your own "normal" detergents and help us to keep our beautiful nature of Bohemian Paradise for future generations.

Another innovation is that we decided to abandon disposable throwaway cups and together with our partner - brewery Rohozec we introduce returnable cups 0,5 l. We believe that it is another small step we can do to avoid huge amount of plastic waste and be more environment-friendly.

And how it will work?
1. When you buy your first drink, you will pay a deposit 50 CZK and you will receive your drink in our refundable cup.
2. When buying next drink, you will return us the empty cup and you will receive your next drink in a new clean cup.
3. When you decide to finish, you can always return your empty cup in our bar and we will return you the deposit.

What`s more, you can keep the cup after the event if you like the design and take it home as a souvenir.

Vratné kelímky na PP