Special prizes powered by ISC

In co-operation with ISC Czech Republic we prepared for you special prizes for all stages and accompanying sprint event. Check it out and try to win some bonus prize..

Accompanying sprint: "Hrubý Dolomitenmann"

In every class, runner with the fastest splittime on control above huge stairway in the beginning of the course will win some free beers or "Kofola" limonades for saturday party. Fastest runners are going to be awarded during PP Party on saturday.

Stage 1: "ISC Finish"

The fastest one from all runners on splittime from last control to finish will get a special ISC prize. But it'll be tough sprint! Over 200 metres long course from the last control through the whole arena is awaiting your great performance!

Stage 2: "Elite women sprinter"

Next ISC prize will get one of the girls from D21Elite. And it will be a girl with the fastest splittime on 6th control. Fluency, right route choice and fast legs.. It'll be the way to victory!

Stage 3: "Tough end.."

This time special award for our men from H21Elite. Over more than one hour fast running in rocky terrain will come the last tricky part of the course.. Maybe the decisive one.. Who will be the fastest between controls 25 to 28 will get another ISC prize!

We prepared nice prizes for 3 best competitors in each class of Nice holiday 2012 competition anyway. So you have really huge motivation to push hard in the forest.