Iveta Duchová and Jan Petržela won Nice holidays 2012

21st Nice Holidays in Bohemian Paradise are over. You had a chance to test yourself in all three main orienteering disciplines - technical middle distance, fast sprint and tough long distance. Victory in elite classes goes to Iveta Duchová and Jan Petržela. Final results were published, soon we'll publish some reports, maps, photos and videos from the competition weekend.

We hope you liked all stages of 21st Nice Holidays in Bohemian Paradise. Thank you for coming! And we would like to invite you to the 22nd PP 24/8-25/8/2013 in sandstones of Bohemian Paradise.

You can follow us on our Facebook page, where you'll soon get more information about future PP and we'd appreciate your impressions and opinions of PP 2012 competition. To make PP 2013 better and more comfortable for you. ;)