Our town Rovensko pod Troskami is a traditional center of orienteering competitions organised by OOB Turnov. This year we are proudly going to host already 22nd Nice Holidays in Bohemian Paradise orienteering event. Not only elite runners, but also plenty of children or whole families will participate in this race which is held also in our beautiful Borecké rocks natural reservation.

Orienteering is a sport with a very long tradition in our town. In our orienteering club started her career world champion Dana Brožková, her sister WOC medalist Radka Brožková or OOB Turnov elite runner Martin Vlček. Dana Brožková is going to participate also this year!

We are very glad that our small town has again the oportunity to host this international orienteering event for more than 1100 competitors.
I wish to all participants beautiful weather, good route choices and success in the race!
Zdeňka Nejedlá, Mayor of Rovensko p. T.