Program of 2-days & 3-stages orienteering event

Pěkné prázdniny v Českém ráji / Nice holidays in Bohemian Paradise

Organizer: OOB TJ Turnov, orienteering club

Date: August 23th – 24th 2014

Venue: Camp Duo camp, Branžež, GPS: 50°30'27.298"N, 15°4'17.753"E


1st stage middle distance

2nd stage sprint

3rd stage long distance

August 23th, 2014

August 23th, 2014

August 24th, 2014

Start 00 = 9:30 interval start

16:00 interval start

9:30 interval start

Kančí zoubek
1:10 000

1:5 000

1:10 000

Stand summer 2014

Stand summer 2014

Stand summer 2014

PP - map samples

HDR (line with accompaniment of parent), D10L (line), D10, D12, D14, D16, D18, D20, D21E, D21A, D21B, D21C, D35, D40, D45, D50, D55, D60, D65, D70, H10L(line), H10, H12, H14, H16, H18, H20, H21E, H21A, H21B, H21C, H35, H40, H45, H50, H55, H60, H65, H70, H75, T2 (short and easy training course for beginners), T4 (difficult training course for advanced), D21U, H21U ("Ultimate" classes on special maps without some symbols.)

In D21 and H21 classes the division into E, A, B and C categories will be done according to the Implementing Regulation and the Racing Rules of ČSOS: H21E-A-B (40-60-70), D21E-A-B (30-50-70). The organizer reserves the right to merge the classes in case of small number of entries in the particular one.

A children corner including babysitting and easy race will be available.

Course lengths:
Expected winning times according to the Racing Rules of ČSOS.

Partly rocky and hilly, partly more flat with vegetation details and sandstone rocks and plateaus.

The valid Rules and the Racing Rules of ČSOS are to be implemented.

Punching system:
SportIdent for all classes in all stages.

To enter for a race please use ORIS entry system. There you can set up your own club, competitors, accommodation, payments etc. Only changes after deadline on 10th August 2014 are to be made via email No prior email entries will be accepted. Do not hesitate to contact organizers for a help with ORIS entry system.

The limit for entries is 1150 competitors and as the limit is reached entries will be stopped!!

Entry system will be opened in June 2014, the date and hour will be published on the website or via our information system. We recommend to prepare your club entry in advance.

Entry fee:

Entry fee is for all three stages only

Entries sent

before 10.8.14

after 10.8.14

On Spot

Children classes to DH14 incl.

300,- CZK

300,- CZK

300,- CZK

"Masters" classes from DH60

360,- CZK

360,- CZK

360,- CZK


450,- CZK

450,- CZK

450,- CZK

T2, T4, HDR

300,- CZK

300,- CZK

300,- CZK

Starting fee is for all 3 stages only. Entries for particular stage(s) are not possible!

SI card rent 50 CZK per stage, classes HDR, DH10L, DH10 for free.

Payment by bank transfer:

Bank: Komerční Banka - Turnov
Account number: 107-2319400267/0100
IBAN: CZ7401000001072319400267


All transfer expenses should be supported by the one ordering the transfer (OUR). Any transfer expenses charged by the bank to the organization will be added to the club open fee.

Payments should be made until August 12th 2014, otherwise entry won’t be accepted.

Check in registration to PP weekend:


August 22th, 2014

18,00 – 22,00

Event Centre Branžež, Duo camp


August 23th, 2014

7,30 - 8,30

Event Centre Branžež, Duo camp


August 24th, 2014

8,00 - 8,30

Event Centre Branžež, Duo camp

We ask for a registration of whole clubs at once.


We offer all accommodation types available in Camping site Duo camp. We offer accommodation in own tents, cabins, or place for recreational vehicle. The prices include the accommodation from August 22th to August 24th, 2014.


We offer 15 three-beds cabins for 45 people. There are 3 beds in the cabin, light, you have to use your own sleeping bags or you can buy the sheets for 65,- CZK. WC and showers are in building nearby (Warm shower costs 20,- CZK, ticket to be sold at camping reception or in restaurant).

Price for one cabin (3 persons):

2 nights / PP 2014: 600,- CZK


Place for tents is directly in camping area.

Price per person for Nice holidays (PP) 2014 weekend:

Child from 6 to 14 years: 80,- CZK

Others: 150,- CZK

WC, showers available (Warm shower costs 20,- CZK, ticket to be sold at camp site reception or in restaurant).

Car 50,- CZK for whole weekend. To be paid on spot.

Payments for accommodation please send together with entry fee. All accommodation types you can order and buy directly in ORIS entry system, only limited amount!

Every participant who will be accommodated directly in competition centre will receive a wrist band and have to wear it all the time. Only accommodated runners can stay in Duo camp site. It will be checked by landowners.

Arena is situated on a meadow close to the camp site. Arena includes event office, toilets, parking place and a place for club tents. Sleeping outside of the official camp is strictly forbidden. Meadow and arena is situated in Natural protected area!

Awarding ceremony of 3 best in all classes in the overall standings will be held on Sunday around 2 pm. The overall standings are given by the sum of times of all 3 stages.

Sleeping in tents in the arena outside of the camp is strictly forbidden! Please follow the rules of Natural protected area.


The competition is held in the Protected Natural Area Bohemian (Czech) Paradise (CHKO Český ráj). It is strictly forbidden to use any kind of grip or spike shoes! It will be strictly checked!

We are looking forward to seeing you in Bohemian Paradise!

Organizing Committee:

Head of OC:

Markéta Poloprutská (pp @ tur . cz),

Petra Pavlovcová

Main referee:

Daniel Wolf (S1), Jana Omová (S2), Jindřich Kořínek (S3)

Course setters:

Patrik Horák + Jakub Oma (S1),

Filip Wolf + Daniel Wolf (S2),

Filip Stárek (S3)

Accompanying programme

Accompanying race

Date and venue: Friday August 22th 2014 – event centre Branžež, Duo camp

Registration: from 15.00 to 18.30

Entries: on spot

Starting fee: 20/50 CZK

See the Accompanying race site.

Píchač Pěkných Prázdnin (The best “Puncher” of Nice holidays)

Traditional punching race of “The best Puncher” of PP – Saturday August 23th 2014 – Event centre

Qualification 12.00 – 14.00 in the event centre, only 16 best punchers proceed to the final

Final round approx. at 7 pm in the EC.

Entries to qualification are to be made directly on the spot. No starting fee for PP participants.

“PP Party”

Traditional Nice Holidays orienteering party – Saturday August 23th 2014, start at 8 pm.

You can expect it as usual for PP – movie shot and photos from first day, The best Puncher competition - final round and prize giving ceremony, party. No entrance fee for PP participants.

Training possibilites

We offer you a training possibility in Bohemian Paradise area during the week prior to Nice Holidays 2014.
There will be also official training 1 000 m from the event centre from Friday August 22th. The map will be available in the event centre for a fee 20,- CZK after the accompanying race. Training area is on the way to start of Stage 1.

Do not hesitate to contact us for training possibilities information.


Natural reservation management has set a maximum limit of 1150 runners for Nice Holidays 2014 competition! This capacity is usually fill up very soon. After the limit is full the online entry system automatically closes and no more entries are accepted. Please do not wait with your entry!


This invitation in pdf for print