Accompanying event to Nice Holidays 2014

We would like to invite you to run our accompanying race on Friday afternoon.

You can expect a brand new terrain, new map and great prizes for winners.

Come already on Friday to Bražež and enjoy "Bagheera Middlesprint"!

Kurandov - map sampleTerrain scenery

Basic information:

Date: Friday 22nd August 2014

Place: Nice Holidays 2014 Event Centre, Duo Camp Branžež

Parking: Nice Holidays 2014 EC, meadow next to the camp


Nice Holidays EC – Middlesprint registration / pre-start / finish: 1 000 m

pre-start – finish: 0 m

The way to start and from the finish is marked with blue-white ribbons. The way to accompanying event goes through Nice Holidays event area. It's forbidden to leave the marked route!

Registration: At the pre-start. Entries only directly on spot. Count of the maps is limited.

Runner who wants to start, makes an entry at the pre-start, pays the starting fee in cash and waits for the start time. Registration ends at 6:30pm or when the maps are sold out.

Classes: DH10, D14, H14, D21, H21, D50, H50


DH10, D14, H14 20,- CZK

Other 50,- CZK

Fees to be paid in cash at registration desk of accompanying race at pre-start.

Start: Free start by punching the start unit from 3 pm to 7 pm.

Finish: Runner ends the race by punching finish unit and reading-out his SI card.

Punching system: SportIdent, rent SI possibility at registration desk. Renting fee 20,- CZK at registration desk.

Race type: „Middlesprint“ – mix of a middle distance and forest sprint distance. Normal orienteering course. Expected winning 20 minutes.

Terrain: Partly hilly sandstone terrain with steep slopes, deep valleys and sandstone rocks and cliffs. Partly more flat plateau with green areas.

Map: Kurandov, 1 : 5 000, ekv. 5m, ISOM, stand 7/2014, A4

Terrain was never used for orienteering race, although there is a very old o-map.

Awarding ceremony: Sunday 24th August 2014 before NH prize giving ceremony.


Competitors compete at their own risk.

It's forbidden to enter new clearings, private areas, private meadows near the start and Nice Holidays event areas.

It's forbidden to use spike and grip shoes!

Race is in the PLA Bohemian Paradise. Please follow the visiting rules!

Organising committee:

Filip Wolf – Head of OC, accompanying race

Dan Wolf – course setter

Josef Borůvka - field work and cartography

We are looking forward to seeing you in Branžež already on Friday!

Training possibility:

After the accompanying race you can buy the rest of the maps at Nice Holidays event office for 20,- CZK.

It's possible to use the courses for your training during the whole NH weekend. The training area is on the way to the start of NH - Stage 1.

There will be red-white ribbons at the controls.

You have to use the way to training start and back given by organiser. To enter villages Nová Ves and Kurandov by car is strictly forbidden!

The way to training is through NH event area. It's strictly forbidden to leave this way.

Ukázka terénu Middlosprint