Nice Holidays 2014 are over! Results were published.Thank you for coming, we hope you enjoyed your stay in Bohemian Paradise and we are looking forward to seeing you next year! Nice Holidays 2014 will be held from August 22nd to August 23rd 2015 in the area of Kacanovy and Radeč. You are very welcome!

If you missed "PP Party" you can check our first video from Nice Holidays 2014.

We have also another video from "PP Party". This short movie shows some experiences and moments from spring season of organising club - OOB Turnov.


Startlists for Nice Holidays 2014 were published. You can check startlist by classes and by clubs.
Startlists and maps are ready, so we do not accept any entries, changes and cancellations! Start fees won't be returned. You can only make change of a name within one class. All changes, payments, questions please make directly on spot in the Event office. You can buy accommodation in tent in the Event office.

We are looking forward to seeing you tommorow in Branžež!


This year we inspired us abroad and we introduce also ULTIMATE classes. What kind of specialities you can expect? Here are some necessary facts about ULTIMATE classes D21U and H21U.

Examples of ULTIMATE courses


It's almost a tradition of all competitions held in Bohemian Paradise. Due to open sandstone rocks all spike and grip shoes are strictly banned! It is really sad when you are running especially in western part of Kost forest after some competition or training and you see scratched rocks made by orienteerers. And believe or not - it is visible! Please respect this rule, it'll be strictly checked in prestart areas and nobody in grip or spike shoes will be allowed to enter the forest!


Come to Branžež already on Friday, August 22nd! As an accompanying event we prepared for you "Bagheera Middlesprint 2014"! You can expect a brand new sandstone terrain and map, demanding courses "between" middle and sprint distance and great prizes for winners! See more info about accompanying race and training possibility. We are looking forward to seeing you next weekend in Branžež, Bohemian Paradise!


We barely opened entries and it is closed! We appreciate your interest in Nice holidays competition and we promise to do maximum to repay today's getting up with a challenging experience in August. Thank you a lot and sorry if you did not make it, but the limit is binding and merciless.


Entry system will be opened from Tuesday June 10th 2014, 6:30 am to August 10th 2014. But entries are limited for 1150 runners only! So do not wait with your entry. Entries are possible only via ORIS system. For more information see section Entry.


Do you want some bigger challenge than just regular orienteering in sandstones? Do you want to train more your orienteering skills before autunm season? Do you expect more fun from summer competition? Do you already know forest in Kost area? We drew inspiration from abroad and other races and we are offering "Ultimate" classes D21U and H21U.

Examples of courses on modified maps


First bulletin with all the necessary information about Nice holidays 2014 was published. You can choose your class, check the venue and accommodation possibilities. Entry system will be opened soon and you will be informed.


We would like to invite you to 23rd Nice Holidays in Bohemian Paradise!

This week we will publish more detailed information and in a few weeks we will open the entry system.

Nice Holidays in Bohemian Paradise 2014

Drhleny / Branžež / Castle Kost

August 23rd -24th 2014


  • Already 23rd Nice Holidays! 3-stages, 2-days orienteering event.
  • Back to the surroundings of Castle Kost, where Euromeeting 2010 was held.
  • 20km south from Turnov, 80km from Prague.
  • Middle, sprint and long in challenging sandstones.
  • Beautiful landscape and monuments of Czech Paradise area.
  • Traditional orienteering party, "The best Puncher" event and even more..
  • Entries will be opened in the middle of June 2014 and entries starting day will be published in advance. Prepare your club entry in advance.