Limit of 1200 competitors was completely filled, entries are now closed! No more entries will be accepted.

List of entries (classes)
List of entries (clubs)

To enter for a race please use ORIS entry system. Email: prihlasky@tur.cz can be used only for changes after July 31st 2016. Personal data of entry (SI number, class) can be edited directly in ORIS in term of entries until July 31st 2016.


Runners not registered in Czech orienteering federation enter also via ORIS entry system, where you can register, set up your own club and register your runners for the race. See our video manual below.


We kindly recommend to prepare your entries in ORIS entry system in advance. The entries are usually sold out very fast!

The limit for entries is 1300 competitors and as the limit is reached entries will be stopped!

If you do not have an account or you are not registered by your clubmate in this system you can follow our "how to" video or system help.