If you did not catch premiere of our short "PP movie" from first and second stage of Nice holidays 2018 on Saturday, you can replay it now on-line. It is definitely worth seeing. And on our Facebook page you can check first photos from the race Stage 1, Stage 3 and Prize giving ceremony. And we added another photos taken by Kuba Mertlík.


Anna Štičková (SK Severka Šumperk) and Pavel Kubát (OK99 Hradec Králové) won the 27th edition of Nice holidays in Bohemian Paradise in elite classes. Results were published and Nice holidays 2018 are over. We would like to tell you a big thank you for coming and spending Nice holidays with us. We hope that you liked our competition and enjoyed the terrains in Kost area. You can already note the date of next edition of Nice Holidays. At the weekend 23.-25.8.2019 we would like to invite you to the terrains of this year's World Cup final (middle distance) area near Turnov.


We have published all necessary technical information about the event - final bulletin and detailed plan of EC, startlists and course details.

We would like to highlight that it is forbidden to set any kind of fire and to use camping gas cookers in the EC and camp! We are very close to the forest and the weather is extremely dry this year. We will follow the weather forecast and inform you. But please, help us to follow this rule. We will provide hot water in the bar.


We are pleased to announce some changes which should make our competition a bit more environment-friendly again. Together with our partner Econea we prepared biological degradable natural soaps, shampoos and conditioners which you will find in our provisional showers and washbasins for your disposal. Please, do not use your own "normal" detergents and help us to keep our beautiful nature of Bohemian Paradise for future generations.

Another innovation is that we decided to abandon disposable throwaway cups and together with our partner - brewery Rohozec we introduce returnable cups 0,5 l. We believe that it is another small step we can do to avoid huge amount of plastic waste and be more environment-friendly.

And how it will work?
1. When you buy your first drink, you will pay a deposit 50 CZK and you will receive your drink in our refundable cup.
2. When buying next drink, you will return us the empty cup and you will receive your next drink in a new clean cup.
3. When you decide to finish, you can always return your empty cup in our bar and we will return you the deposit.

What`s more, you can keep the cup after the event if you like the design and take it home as a souvenir.

Vratné kelímky na PP


Brand new map for Nice Holidays 2018 is ready. You can find map samples below.

Map samples


Thank you very much for your interest in Nice Holidays 2018! It is unbelievable, we opened entries today at 6:30 am and after just 31 seconds entered the competitor no. 1300 and the limit was closed. For us it is a huge obligation to organize competition which will be worth running and which you will enjoy. Thank you very much and see you soon in Srbsko, Bohemian Paradise!

Graph of entries development of Nice Holidays 2018

Personal data of entry (SI number, class) can be edited directly in ORIS until August 12th 2018. Until this date you can also cancel your entry free of charge (if you cancel your entry, your place in the limit of competitors will pass automatically to the next substitute). Additional services like accommodation in official camp you can book and edit via ORIS until August 21st 2018. Email: prihlasky@tur.cz can be used only for changes after August 12th 2018. Thank you for understanding.


We published Bulletin 1 of Nice Holidays in Bohemian Paradise 2018. Entry system ORIS will be opened on Tuesday, June 5th 2018 at 6:30 am CEST and closed on August 12th 2018 at 11:59 pm or after the limit of 1300 competitors is reached. Please, if you are interested in coming to our competition, enter as soon as possible after the entry system is opened. Usually the limit is reached very fast. Last year the competition was "sold out" within 10 minutes. We kindly recommend to prepare your entry in advance in the system. We are looking forward to seeing you in Bohemian Paradise!


We would like to invite you to the 27th edition of Nice Holidays in Bohemian Paradise. After four years is this traditional three-days competition coming back to the wonderful sandstone terrain near the famous castle Kost. You can expect brand new maps according new ISOM 2017. And on these maps you will run two middle distances and one long distance. Soon we will publish the bulletin. Entries will be opened in the beginning of June in ORIS entry system.

Kost, foto: Daniel Wolf

On Friday, August 24th we will start with the middle distance, on Saturday, August 25th is scheduled long distance and on Sunday, August 26th this year's edition of Nice Holidays will conclude with another middle distance with interval start. Of course you can also look forward to rich accompanying program and additional competitions.

Kost, foto: Daniel Wolf

We are looking forward to seeing you in August in Bohemian Paradise, Czech Republic! Welcome and enjoy 27th edition of Nice Holidays!