Welcome to 27th edition of Nice Holidays in Bohemian Paradise. After four years we would like to invite you to the great sandstone terrains near the famous castle Kost. You can expect brand new maps according new ISOM 2017. On these maps you will run two middle distances and one long distance.

Competition area of PP 2018

On Friday August 24th we will start with the middle distance, on Saturday is scheduled long distance and on Sunday this years edition of Nice Holidays will conclude with another middle distance with interval start. Of course you can also look forward to rich accompanying program and additional competitions.

Old maps:
Kost (2014)
Kurandov (2015)
Kančí zoubek (2014)
Kost (TUV, 2012)

Famous castle Trosky, foto: Jan Hyka

Tips for trips

Event centre is situated in Srbsko, local part of municipality Knezmost. All three stages are in walking distance from EC. Free afternoon after the stage you can spend either in the EC close to the lake Komárovský rybník or on a trip. If you decide for a trip, there are some tips.

Castle Kost
Majestic castle Kost, one of the most famous castles in the Czech Republic is situated in the valley amongst sandstone rocks. There is 3,5 km long walking path from the event centre to the castle marked with red colour.

Kost, foto: Daniel Wolf

Příhrazské skály (Příhrazy rocks)
The nature reserve with a distinctive group of rock towers is situated at the edge of a sandstone rock platform named Mužský. The dominant element of the rock formation is a bizarre rock block named Kobylí hlava. The rock formation hides a chapel carved in the rock, named Hynšta, a refugee of the Czech Brethren in the 17th century. In addition, there are remnants of fortresses from the 13th century. To enter this spectacular area just follow red marked path to the nord-east from Srbsko.

Rock tower Kobylí hlava, foto: Daniel Wolf

Lake Komárovský rybník
Komárovský rybník near Branžež is one of the biggest lakes in Bohemian Paradise area. If the weather will be hot and quality of water will be fine, then it is clearly the best option to cool down your body after the challenging long distance. Lake is situated just few hundred meters from the EC.

Vesec u Sobotky
Vesec is very famous village situated some 2 km southwest from Castle Kost. The village was declared a rural monument reserve of folk architecture in 1995. The reason is the unique, well-preserved Czech village of radial development - a set of 18, mostly timbered houses - various types of farmstead mostly in the original state. You can walk to Vesec from the Castle Kost through beautiful rocky valley Plakánek.

Valley Plakánek, foto: Daniel Wolf