Ready for some "ultimate" challenge?

Do you want some bigger challenge than just regular orienteering in sandstones? Do you want to train more your orienteering skills before autunm season? Do you expect more fun from summer competition? Do you already know forest in Kost area? We drew inspiration from abroad and other races and we are offering "Ultimate" classes D21U and H21U.

Examples of courses on modified maps

You can expect regular normal courses with length similar to DH21A on modified maps. DH21U classes are for all interested runners of all age. But we recommend it only for well experienced runners.

"Ultimate" classes are like other regular classes. They will have control description, startlist, results will be counted and three best runners after all stages in each class will be awarded with valuable prizes. Only at the start point you receive little bit different map.

Map for all stages will be modified according to character of the course and terrain. You can expect map without roads and paths or without vegetation details or contour map only or any other combination of these examples. Modification of the map will be written directly on the map and in special instructions for "ultimate" classes in final bulletin. Modification of the map will be slightly different in every stage and should lead to higher difficulty of the race and more demanding orienteering. But it is still regular competition so it will be always possible to reach the control with usage of compass and given objects. Courses will be planned sensitively and map modification will be taken into consideration.

The organizer reserves the right to cancel the classes in case of less than 10 entries in the particular one.
The organizer reserves the right to split the classes into divisions (UA,UB) in case of huge number of entries in the particular one.