21st Nice Holidays in Bohemian Paradise are over. You had a chance to test yourself in all three main orienteering disciplines - technical middle distance, fast sprint and tough long distance. Victory in elite classes goes to Iveta Duchová and Jan Petržela. Final results were published, soon we'll publish some reports, maps, photos and videos from the competition weekend.

We hope you liked all stages of 21st Nice Holidays in Bohemian Paradise. Thank you for coming! And we would like to invite you to the 22nd PP 24/8-25/8/2013 in sandstones of Bohemian Paradise.


Did you also think that orienteering is from Scandinavia? We found out it's not true.. ;)

This terrain lives with orienteering.. live this terrain!


Bulletin 3.0 with final instructions for competitors was released. Please read it carefully. Maps are ready, startlists should be available tonight. We are looking forward to seeing you on Friday!

Please do not send us your payments anymore. Now all payments are to be paid directly at registration desk in Malá Skála. Possibility of any changes is very limited now. We do not accept new entries. Accommodation in the camp you can buy directly on spot. Please check you SI card number in start list or list of entries. If it's wrong send us your corrections via email prihlasky@tur.cz.


In co-operation with ISC Czech Republic we prepared for you special prizes for all stages and accompanying sprint event. Check it out and try to win some bonus prize..


You can check first parts of the new map Zbirohy for the 1st stage of PP 2012. Modern map is based on contours from laserscanning and made by our "sandstones professional" Josef Borůvka.



Winners of our quiz are Kay Cruse from SV Robotron Dresden and Veronika Kolvekova from ATU Kosice.

Both of them were among 23 right answers. We can not yet publish the right routechoice with GPS analysis. It will be published after the competition because many of the competitors will have to solve similar routechoices during their race. We can just say that the difference between the fastest and slowest variant (excl. v.E) is approximately 3 minutes.  


List of entries and a "waiting list" for Nice holidays 2012 were published in section entries.

We're sorry for not responding your emails. If you received an automatic answer your message was probably received.


Lists of entries and the "waiting list" of participants over the limit we'll try to publish during next week. We're sorry for not responding to your emails, but if you got an automatic answer your email was received. Since we closed entries we received hundreds new emails with additional entries. So the chance to participate in the competition is really very small. Here are some reasons for the limit of competitors:


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