There are first 3 short films movies from Nice Holidays 2013 weekend. Video from PP party, PP in the air and Microsprint.


Nice Holidays 2013 are over. Victory in elite classes goes to Vendula Haldin, Halden SK and Jan Petržela, OK99 Hradec Králové. We published all results and split times. If you have some nice pictures you can share it via our Facebook profile or email. Thank you very much for coming, we hope you enjoyed all three stages of "PP 2013" and we would like to invite you to Nice Holidays 2014, August 23th - 24th in area of castle Kost, Bohemian Paradise or to other events organised by OOB Turnov!

PP centrum


Final Bulletin with all instructions for competitors was published in html form or in pdf for print. Start list.


Last week to start, before we publish detailed final bulletin you can read short interview with course planners of all three stages. How they see the terrain and what you should expect?

Ukázky map


Our town Rovensko pod Troskami is a traditional center of orienteering competitions organised by OOB Turnov. This year we are proudly going to host already 22nd Nice Holidays in Bohemian Paradise orienteering event. Not only elite runners, but also plenty of children or whole families will participate in this race which is held also in our beautiful Borecké rocks natural reservation.

Orienteering is a sport with a very long tradition in our town. In our orienteering club started her career world champion Dana Brožková, her sister WOC medalist Radka Brožková or OOB Turnov elite runner Martin Vlček. Dana Brožková is going to participate also this year!

We are very glad that our small town has again the oportunity to host this international orienteering event for more than 1100 competitors.
I wish to all participants beautiful weather, good route choices and success in the race!
Zdeňka Nejedlá, Mayor of Rovensko p. T.


Entry system ORIS is now closed. Please make all other changes via email . You can check the list of entries and the waiting list.


Competition maps for Nice Holidays 2013 are almost ready, so we can proudly show you first parts of them. For the rest you have to wait some more weeks.. Are you looking forward?

Map samples


In unbelievable 19 hours and 43 minutes were Nice Holidays 2013 sold out! Thank you very much and please do not send us your anymore. It can't be accepted. Thank you!


We published detailed event program and opened entries. To entry for the competition please use online entry system ORIS! There you can set up your club, runners, accommodation, payments etc. There is limit of 1150 runners, after the limit is full the entry system is automatically closed and no more entries are accepted. So if you want to come in August to Bohemian Paradise, please fill in your entry as soon as possible.


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