The organizing team would like to thank you for your participation, for positive feedback and comments, and we look forward to seeing you in 2020 on the next year's Nice Holidays competition in beautiful terrains around Malá Skála, more specifically on Kalich and Drábovna!

In my position as Head of OC, and for all decent competitors, I have to state that we tried to tackle all the excesses from the Saturday night when a group of youngsters caused significant damages in the village and subsequently in the camp. This behavior had an impact on a further organization of competitions in the Vyskeř village. In the end, 14 of them found enough courage and decency to own up their mistake and put everything in order. We dealt with the matter in person and we consider it to be closed to us. We do not consider it as closed with the others though and thus we'll apply fundamental changes for the next year so that this cannot happen again. I hereby apologize in the name of organizers to those staying in the camp for any inconvenience caused by irresponsible individuals.

Filip Stárek 
Head of Organizing Committee



Missing some clothes after the weekend? Check out pictures in the article and let us know if you recognize something.


Event centre is empty, meadow is clean and it means that the 28th edition of Nice holidays in Bohemian Paradise is over. All runners had to manage 3 challenging courses through deep valleys and rocks, organizers had to manage to build and maintain the arena in the middle of parched fields and all of us had to manage hot weather. But we all succeeded. Best elite runners this year were young Czechs Anna Štičková and Tomáš Křivda. But we congratulate to all of you who handled all stages and our accompanying program. Thank you for coming we hope you enjoyed our competition and see you next August again in Bohemian Paradise area near Turnov!

Photos from Jakub Mertlík
Photos from Jan Schulhof
Photos from Jana Omová


As part of the accompanying program, we've managed to arrange some sightseeing in Vyskeř. If you are interested in history or just want to take a short walk, be sure you visit the local chapel and church.


All needed information for this year's Nice Holidays competition is here: Bulletin 2Course details, and startlists: stage 1stage 2stage 3.


As of August 1, we have updated the list of entries. From now on, requests for changes or entry cancellation is accepted only via email "". Additional services such as accommodation can still be added and changed in ORIS. The payment due date has been postponed to August  21, 2019.


Maps are ready and we work hard on course setting. For now, you can check preliminary course parameters. What do you think, how fast you can cross the finish line? ;-)


The first review of received payments was done over the last weekend and we realized that about half of entries are not paid yet. Please, send your deposits to our bank account without any delay.

In case that payment for your application is made centrally through your club, please make sure that payment was actually sent to prevent you being opted out from the list of entries.

Received deposits can be found in ORIS.

Thank you!


In 2019, our club OOB TJ Turnov arranges for you already 28th traditional orienteering event called „Nice Holidays with orienteering in Bohemian Paradise“.